Monday, March 12, 2012

So...I am doing it!

So, I am doing it...I am almost 30 and many of the things I have wanted to accomplish up to this point have happened, but many have not.  I can rest in the fact that those things that have not happened are things which are out of my control, but that makes me that much more determined to accomplish those things which I can control.  One of my dreams is to have a small farm.  I began working towards that dream when I purchased 5 acres of land in a very small, rural town in upstate New York.  Now it is time to start working on turning it into a farm.  The name, Whimsical Spirit Farm, is courtesy of Debrah, the previous owner of this plot of ground, who had a deep connection to this land.  I feel a similar connection.  I began with greyhounds, a nontraditional farm animal, but great companions none the less.  Eventually I got some chicks which I raised to adulthood and I have now begun a very small egg business (calling it a business is very generous).  Then, this past week, I got to meet some of my sheep which were born at the beginning of March and who will be joining me here on the hill in May.  I look forward to keeping a blog of my adventures as I begin to realize my dream.  My goal is by summer 2013, to be able to live purely off of my land for a minimum of a month.  It shall be a grand experiment, and one that I look forward to sharing with whomever find it interesting to follow.  I am off to make dinner, and I have a full schedule of classes to teach tomorrow, so I am signing out.  Peace ~Jessica

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