Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I got my first mosquito bite

Today I decided it was time to do some reorganizing and cleaning of the chicken coop.  I went and purchased straw from one of our local farms and got right to work spreading it throughout the coop and in the secure outside run.  The chickens were in heaven!  They loved scratching through the straw!  I also let them free range for a while today and I sat out there and observed them.  They are so much fun to watch! The roosters pester each other, competing for the right to mate with all the ladies.  The guineas seem innocent enough, until a chicken gets into their personal bubble, then they chase the chicken off.  The ducks are on the hunt for slugs, one of their favorite foods!  As I sat on the lawn, sharing some bird seed with the chickens, they surrounded me, jumping on my lap, trying to get a bite.  They seem to really enjoy bird seed!  So, I spent a good hour sitting on my lawn, surrounded by chickens, watching the sun set.  A more enjoyable evening could not be had!  Below are some photos I took today.  I hope you enjoy!

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