Sunday, April 15, 2012

What a week!

This past week was our spring break from school.  What better time to do some intensive work on the farm!  The break began with what seemed a herculean out the shed and the basement.  I needed to clear out the shed to prepare a place for the sheep and the llama and I needed to clean out the basement so I would have a place to put what came out of the shed.  Oh, did I not mention the llama before this?  That is a story for another post, but suffice it to say I was getting a llama to help guard my sheep.  Anyhow, after what felt like hours and hours of hauling stuff from the shed, to the basement, and from the basement to the dump, I finally had everything prepared for the new family members.  On Tuesday April 10th, Mimi, Nan, and I drove in Nan's minivan down to Bliss, NY to pick up a llama named Macho from Terry and Gloria.  Terry and Gloria are a very sweet couple who, due to unforeseen health issues, were unable to keep their llamas.  Macho is a gelded male who they felt would make an excellent guard llama.  After visiting and getting the necessary details about Macho's care, we loaded him up in the minivan and were on our way.  Below are a couple of photos taken from our journey!

Macho riding in the van...I never knew a llama
was so good at riding in the van!

  Macho eating right away!

Then the following day, Wednesday April 11, Nan and I drove back down to Freedom, NY to pick up the three lambs!  This has truly been an amazing journey and I am looking forward to what is to come.  Below are some more photos of the sheep.  Enjoy!

Jack meeting Macho for the first time!

Macho, in all his glory, guarding Jack.  Macho is an excellent guard llama!

Jack is sooooooo heavy!  He was about 50 pounds when this photo was taken.

Weeble and her mama.

Here are some long overdue photos of one of my visits to Sandy's farm, Longmeadow Farm.

Preparing Dozer for a medical exam from the vet.

Here is Buddy, Sandy's wether, as she prepares to shear him.

He has gorgeous wool which Sandy has dyed and now has for sale!

Buddy's fleece :)

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