Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hot Air Balloons and Memories

Over the past two weeks I have been thinking a lot about my grandfather.  In 1994 my father's father passed away very unexpectedly of a heart attack.  While my parents were in Turkey, my father got to ride a hot air balloon and sent me an amazing photo of the view he got to see.  The connection here is that, while my grandfather was alive, more than anything he wanted to take a hot air balloon ride.  I do not remember all of the details, but his family got him a hot air balloon ride as a gift, either for his birthday or his retirement, I don't quite recall.  But regardless, whenever I see hot air balloons, I think of my grandfather.  I think of him a lot actually.  Although I was pretty young when he died (12 years old), there are flashes of memories...swimming in the pool, jumping rope, eating cookies, his sailor tattoo, the way his chair smelled, and I could go on and on.  When my family gets together at holidays or for weddings, I always think of my grandfather and how much I wish he could see us all.  My grandfather had a big family, 7 kids total, and always worked hard to provide better opportunities for his kids than what he had. He loved us all tremendously, and when the grandchildren were over visiting, he loved just watching us play.  I wish I could remember more of what my grandfather was like, but I remember being loved, and I guess that is most important.  I often wonder if my grandfather would be proud of me and where I am now.  I wonder if he would have predicted this?  I hope and pray that he can see all the wonderful things his kids have done and his grandchildren have done.  I hope he knows that he played a huge part in that.  I selfishly wish I had gotten more time with him.  One day I will save up enough money to take a hot air balloon ride over Letchworth, so I can feel close to my grandfather and remember him.  I am so glad my dad got to experience that.  

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